Thursday, February 14, 2008

Boudoir Legs Collection - Crotchless

After waves of people that love this hosiery line (and thank you so much for loving them and the positive feedback) I got several requests for a crotchless set.
So here they are! Crotchless Boudoir Legs.
The same high quality you come to know with Boudoir Legs, with a dash of "ohh-la-la!"

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Boudoir Legs

A task we set upon my plate for creating a set of hosiery that would match the feel, style, and sophistication of Second Life premeire sculpted prim heels, Tesla. Taking into consideration to match the fine quality, smooth curves, and sublte perfections that makes Tesla's shoes what they are today, a large uptaking it was.
After three weeks and a nearly complete redesign, comes Boudoir Legs. Each set comes in 10 colors (Tan, Red, Blue, Pink, Chocolate, Black, Plum, Olive, Cream, and White) They are copy and mod so you can tint the white set to match your outfit pefectly and can save it too your outfits folder. Each color of the set has three different tops. Sheer to waiste to show those fine lines. A delicate lace top for the modest yet classy of us all. A low cut waste to fit those short skirts well adore. each pair has matching socks that cut just at the thigh seamlessly.
There are 4 seperate sets with different deniers (Opaque, Fair, Soft, and Delicate) to match your skin tone or your outfit perfectly. Each set in itself contains 40 differnt layers making them as user friendly, and user sexy as possible.
This is the first release in series of designs that will be seen at Battered Boudoir over then several month with new designs over the legs, and seams to match any occasion.
Tesla said best herself "Make them love the legs they are on" I'm proud that I could deleiver.
Hosiery can be found at Battered Boudoir Main store, Tesla's Main Store on Tesla Sim, Retrologies, and at the new and improved Fashion Mode.

Boudoir Maid

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cutie Cobbler Christmas Group Special!

New in the main store now! Cutie Cobbler in White!! and as a special thank you to the Battered Boudoir Update group, group members only pay 25L$! All thats needed is to the update group active and purchase your very own white copy today!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The newest item to Battered Boudoir is an elegant and sexy formal dress. Eve is a long flowing gown that comes in two versions. First version is the long dress with a different type of glitch pants than what you're used too. The glitch pants start solid from the top and then taper down into nicely blended hosiery down past the knee to preserve that elegant touch. The second version is a mid length skirt that comes with a normal set of glitch pants but add the seamed stockings included and it spices up the dance floor for those not so formal events.
Each Dress comes with a top that tapers down the front and back to show the sexy yet elegant side of the dress. Sheer gloves are added along to complete the whole look.
Eloria LeShelle