Monday, October 29, 2007

Vintage Seamed Stockings and Free Halloween Lingerie!

After being asked on several occasions when these stockings would come available, I've finally put them together!
10 different shades and of course the tintable white set to match which every outfit you may need!
Since its the spirit of Halloween, and everyone's got an outfit they are ready to wear, why not put something underneath it?! Cute spider web lingerie in several layers to make sure it fits just perfect. And since its a holiday, its your for free at the main location.
Stockings, panties, garters, and top, all yours at no price, hurry though cause offer ends the 2nd of November


Eloria LeShelle

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Indian Summer

Another seasonal outfit perfect for nearly any occasion!
8 different colors too choose from , each one comes with a sweater top, bottoms, prim flexi skirt, and comfy cozy tights to round it all off perfectly.
Each outfitty is 175L$, and the package for all 8 colors is only 999L$.

Body Stocking collection

This outfit was a request from Megg Demina, over at Chapeau tres Mignon. Designed for strutting her lovely hats and accessories around the runway.

10 different colors to chose from, each one comes in 33 different clothing layers (yes 33!) so that you can mix, match, swap, jump, press, whatever you needs to mix it up with too your liking!

Thanks to Bunny for the sexy modeling!

Each one is 150L$, and the entire collection is only 999L$!


Its Fall and slightly Overcast!

This new outfit comes right in time for Fall, with a lovely leaf texture top, capris, and stockings to match.
Cutie in every way!
Thanks to Lyanis for modeling my cute stuff perfectly as usual!

Long overdue update!

Heres som pictures of the new items that I've been holding off on posting here.

Tuesday Plaids!

Comes with two different sheer jacket combinations, mini skirt, mid length skirt, capris, long pants, a cutie bra top.

Comes in 6 different colors, each outfit only 200L$