Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Little Me

Well I suppose I should starts this out with a little about myself.

Like most Avies in Second Life, I love to go around shopping..clothes, shoes, you name it. Then there came a time that I said to myself "I need to do something here".

Well seeing as I loved clothes and shopping and such, why not try to make clothing! So I get my copy of CS2 (Thank you Merik!!!) and start reading a little into how to do things, where to place things, templates and the like.

My first creation was the half shirt with a kitty on the front, poorly outlines, roughly put together and took me I think 3 days of playing in CS2 just to get it! As horrible as it was (and yes its horrible) I was soo very proud of it! But I wanted to make more. As one can imagine a novice to CS2 can get really frustrated rather quickly, especially some one like me whos not very computer literate. Thats when I put CS2 down for awhile and continued shopping and mulling on about what I wanted to do and such.

Some months pass and I get a renewed desire to design again. This is when I ran into my mentor in photoshop Katya! She taught me everything I know, everything I needed to know and then some. After a few thonks on the head and some fine tutoring, I create my first dress. Nothing fancy mind you but a far far cry from 6 or so months previously with the 3 day half shirt.

Then I started getting encouragement from friends "make me this! make me that!", and I tried my best, got alot of practice in. This is when I entered in the LAME design mall, first under the name "Cinny's Secrets". Weeks go by and the LAME design store takes on a new flavor. This was about the time the name changed to Battered Boudoir, with the intent to making your grungy/Urban type clothing... well so I thought.

Some more time passes on, and instead of sticking to the grunge urban look, I just started designing thing that stuck me as a neet idea. So then as you can imagine the clothing just didn't match the store front so well. Instead of going through all the hassle of changing the store name again, I decided to just keep the name, but put on a fresh new look.
About this same time I did some penny counting , looked at several things like rent and such and decided for some creative freedom, the Boudoir neeed its own slice of land... So this is where Boudoir Isle came to be.

Now nestled in the South East corner of the Isle is the home of the Battered Boudoir. From there is where I place my things, listen to music and just enjoy the atmosphere of the store. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it, its an amazing build and it awes me each time I see it. Special thanks got to Somatika Xiao, builder and visionary, I've yet to see anything hes built that doesn't amaze me.
(Here's a slurl link: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Boudoir%20Isle/229/26/23/)

Thats me and the store in a very very brief nutshell!
If I've left anyone out from mentions trust me I had no intention too, you know I love you all!


Luna Beam said...

It's beautiful, if a lot less battered looking. Oh, the clothes is nice too! First of many I hope, looking forward to hearing more.

Thanks for taking the steps you've taken, we're all gonna appreciate it.

Veronique Lalonde said...

Just added a link, from my blog to yours, from me to you. :) Nice to have a background posting, doll. Looking forward to more stuff, both in the store and in the blog.