Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sheer Desire

It was late Saturday night / Sunday morning, during my normal working hours. I was wide away with an exceptionally lovely coffee high going on. Most of my friends were in bed and I had some peace and quiet.

So I decided to work on what I've been pestered to make now what seems like months. So many people loved my stockings and hose, I kept getting the comments "make lingerie!". Well I opened my brand spanking new version of CS3 and got to work!

After adjust a few things here and there, a tuck left and right , in the end it wasn't so bad! Well except panties , those aren't as easy as one may think.

After all the sheerness was added, the perfect texturing, the name Sheer Desire just fit.

Then after the final set was in stone I guess you could say, added a variety of colors and made sure the shading stayed consistent. In the end got together 10 different colors.

Now since I didn't make it in the hundreds of layers I usually do, I decided the cost should compensate for it. Each set is 100L, or all 10 sets is 500L. I thought perhaps that was too low but so far the outcome looks great, and an overall great response from loyalists! (whom I love dearly!).

Hope you all enjoy as much as I enjoy making!


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Luna Beam said...

I think Azzie will enjoy them more than me. But we both enjoy the work! Thankee.